Monday, February 27

play dough

play dough has become popular in our home all of a sudden. i guess its an age thing. jess hasn't been all that interested in play dough until now. every now and then i would get it out for her but now it is being requested. 

jess is happy to play with it alone whereas before she liked to have someone else playing with it along side her. maybe she was just trying to work out what to do with it. 

i made two new batches this week, adding ground cinnamon to one and cocoa to the other. they smell delicious and i love the natural colour.

we don't have a lot of play dough 'equipment' preferring to let jess use her imagination as opposed to making predetermined shapes. some popsicle sticks for cutting and poking, a few cupcake papers, some old lids and a rolling pin kept her busy for a long time.

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