Monday, February 27


today i thought i would take photographs of some of the things around our house.

it is no secret to those who know me that i like things that are natural, earthy and organic.

so, today i am grateful for... (from the top)

a seaweed basket handmade by a dear old family friend
a table runner which was a birthday present from another dear friend who knows my style so well
a driftwood sculpture made by my partner
a dear sweet child's chair which was my dad's when he was a boy
a vegetable brush i bought at wychwood, a beautiful garden and nursery in tasmania
the mother of pearl button on a chest of drawers that once belonged to my grandmother
brown paper envelopes 
beautiful smooth stones that we once carted back from the beach
a driftwood coat rack that i made for our laundry/entry
the mirror framed with driftwood and shells my partner made for my thirtieth birthday

i love all these things!

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