Sunday, January 8


i have been reading a book called simplicity parenting by kim john payne.

i like it.

i don't think we lead an overly hectic or complicated life right now but this book has given me a few ideas on how i can simplify things.

one of the things i have picked up on is simplifying our food.

i have always struggled with making a shopping list and buying enough food to last through the week or weeks until the next shopping day.

so i have made a list

monday - pasta night
tuesday - chicken
wednesday - vegetarian
thursday - red meat
friday - home made fast food 
saturday - fish
sunday - eggs

that is how i have started although it may change slightly as i would like to eat fish more than once a week and as i am trying to lose some weight, pasta may go.

by simplifying it doesn't mean that the variety will be limited. how many different types of pasta dishes are there or chicken dishes or how many different ways to cook fish? home made fast food may include eggs on toast or baked beans or nachos or pizza. 

so as we average a trip to the supermarket every two weeks, when i sit down to write a shopping list i can go through how many meals of fish i will need to buy for, how many for pasta and so on. so much easier than trying to think on the spot at the supermarket with a toddler in tow.

i am not sure why i have never done this before.

the book claims that by having a set rhythm to meals, that children's fussiness during mealtimes will decrease as they will know well in advance from week to week that saturday is fish night and sunday is egg night so if they aren't so keen on those at least monday night will be something to look forward to because it will be pasta night.  

might work...

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