Monday, January 30


one of the ideas i picked up on while reading simplicity parenting by kim john payne was the lighting of a candle daily, at a regular time.

this is to act as a 'pressure valve' that a small child, who has no concept of time, can count on every day at the same time to give a sense of rhythm to their day. other 'pressure valves' may be things like naps or the bedtime story.

the candle flame is said to concentrate their attention and narrows their focus to a small, golden circle and of course is very soothing.

so i have decided we will light a candle at dinner time and put it out at the end of the meal.

i think it will be nicer in winter when its dark during dinner time. at the moment it is full daylight so it doesn't quite have the desired effect but is lovely all the same.

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