Monday, January 30


one month down.

i started project 366 on new years day and i am pleased to say that i have managed to remember to pick up the camera each day so far.

it's really quite enjoyable (i may not say that in another 10 months) finding images to take photos of each day. 

i think my main subjects so far have been jess and the beach. i haven't spent much 'extra' time on the computer because of it. i only check out a few others photos on the flickr group when i load mine on.

i am not sure what i will do with all the images at the end of the year. make them into a book? or frame them all in one big frame? i am not keen on the scrapbook idea that some people use but i am sure some more ideas will come up through the year.

my other project is the happiness project. i am reading the book of the same name by gretchen rubin. maybe about halfway through. i have started a happiness journal where i write one thing that has bought me happiness each day. it may be something very small or something bigger, depending on the day. i think the main point is to be mindful and just to acknowledge it. sometimes i forget to write it down though. that is about the extent of 'my' happiness project at the moment, maybe i will get more into it as the year progresses.

image is 'jan 30 - eggs from next door' from my project 366

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