Tuesday, January 31

a parcel came today

we received a parcel in the mail today from usbourne publishing.

at the Christmas breakup for playgroup each child received a book from Santa (chosen and wrapped by the parents). jess's was 'look inside an airport' a lift the flap book which instantly became a firm favourite. only problem was that on one of the pages the flaps didn't lift properly as the glue to bind the pages wasn't applied correctly. 

i emailed usbourne publishing to tell them about it and they very kindly sent a replacement. i am not usually one for making a complaint when i have purchased a product and am not happy with it but i am glad i did this time.

not only did they send the replacement book but also another book, a book for parents about reading to children, balloons, bookmarks, key rings and a small stuffed duck. 

jess was delighted.

i applaud usbourne publishing for their speedy response to my email and their follow up customer service (including a phone call to see if we had received the parcel).

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