Saturday, January 28

in the mood

i am in the mood to garden.

maybe it was the weather today being a beautiful summer's day. blue sky, fluffy clouds, light sea breeze, perfect temperature, not too warm and not too cool.

it put me in the mood. i know this mood well. when it strikes all i can think and dream about is gardening.

its been quite a while since the gardening bug has struck, but autumn (my favourite time of year) will be with us before we know it.

so to plant some seeds. we need to rejuvenate the vegetable garden. i will make a tray and some newspaper pots tomorrow to start the seedlings off. think i may try them on the kitchen windowsill and see how that goes.

one problem i always seem to have with growing from seeds is that i put them in but never keep up with the watering, so the windowsill should bypass that as they will be right in front of me.

wish me luck.

images via pinterest.

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